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Flexible and secure payment solutions provide everything you need to run your business with ease. Fast approvals in high-risk industries.

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High Risk Merchant Account

Fast Merchant Account Approvals in High-Risk Industries

We specialize in fast merchant account approvals for high-risk industries. Our streamlined process ensures quick solutions tailored to your specific needs, so you can focus on growing your business. With expertise in navigating regulatory challenges, we provide transparent and reliable support to help you succeed.
Payment Partnership

Where Agents and Affiliates Earn More

Tap into unparalleled earning potential with Signature Payments as an agent or affiliate. Our program provides top-tier support and lucrative opportunities for success in the payment processing field. Join our team today and start earning more.
Payment Solutions

From Software to Terminals, Signature Payments Has You Covered

Our flexible and secure payment solutions makes it easy to integrate and process payments anytime, anywhere.

Dynamic Underwriting

We welcome merchants of all types from B2B to eCommerce and retail to special risk. Among high-risk payment processing companies, our tools are perfectly suited to the challenges of your industry.

Flexible Technology

As a merchant services company, we make it easy for you to take advantage of the latest technology, so that your business is always able to keep pace with the needs of your clients.

Omni-Channel Payments

Whether online, in-person, or on-the-go, we offer payment solutions for every channel. We simplify the process of setting up mobile, point of sale devices and provide useful integrations such as surcharging tools and fraud protection technology.

Responsive Support

We’re a payments technology company who puts humans first, with support when you need it. You can count on us for real time support on the phone or online. We’re here to help you through any payment issue you encounter.

Payment Terminals

Modern Terminals with Integrated Payment Gateways

Signature Payments has partnered with Payanywhere to provide a diverse range of terminal options. From sleek countertop models to versatile mobile solutions, we offer cutting-edge terminals equipped with the latest technology to streamline transactions and enhance customer experience. Trust in our secure and reliable terminals backed by exceptional customer support to elevate your payment processing capabilities.

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