We specialize in 3D secure authentication to help you reduce payment abuse and chargeback fraud from your online business.

At Signature Payments, we provide 3D secure payment technology to help your growing business verify the authenticity of online transactions before they negatively impact your bottom line. Our payment security specialists are ready to help you reduce fraud in your e-commerce business so that you can keep more of every successful sale.

What Is a 3D Secure Payment Gateway?

A traditional payment gateway establishes a direct connection between your business’s payment processor (or the “acquirer” domain) and the customer’s card-issuing bank (or the “issuer” domain). This two-domain (2D) connection is all that is needed to “verify” a typical online credit card transaction.

3DS authentication adds a third “interoperability” domain that is managed directly by one of the major credit card companies. Although 3D secure Visa differs slightly from 3D secure Mastercard, both involve third-party verification of the transaction’s legitimacy before payment is submitted. In most cases, the online customers are presented with a popup in which they must enter a unique authentication code sent to their email or smart device.

What Are the Benefits of a 3D Secure Payment Gateway?

Payment abuse is a major problem in e-commerce, with merchants losing billions every year to various types of online fraud. In addition to direct losses, this payment abuse makes it more challenging for those selling online goods and subscription-based services to qualify for transparent and affordable payment processing. That’s because providers are often reluctant to support the types of card-not-present (CNP) transactions that happen in the online world.

Adding an authentication step allows Signature Payments’ 3D secure transaction technology to help reduce fraud and provide a safer shopping experience for everyone involved.

How Can 3D Secure Payments Prevent Fraud?

Having customers verify their identities makes it harder for them to claim online purchases were made by another user. This extra authentication step also helps to reduce the frequency of chargeback fraud, since there is a clearer digital trail of where the transaction originated.

3D Secure Payments Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my business need a merchant account?

A merchant account is a dedicated bank account reserved for accepting card-based payments. You can’t take Visa, Mastercard, AMEX or Discover without one.

What criteria do I need to meet to be approved for a merchant account?

The exact requirements vary from business to business. In most cases, we’ll ask for bank statements, processing statements, performance reports, product pricing and your refund policy. If you have questions about merchant account approvals, our in-house experts are ready to help.

Is Signature Payments compatible with my existing software?

We support all the major gateways, including NMI, ePN and Authorize.net. This allows our merchant accounts to integrate seamlessly with most billing, bookkeeping and POS software platforms. For questions, contact our in-house experts directly.

Have Questions About 3D Secure Authentication?

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