Boompay v3.5 Modern Payment Gateway

Apr 26, 2023 | Gateway, Payments

Boompay v3.5 is a modern payment gateway that transfers money across accounts for various types of merchants. It can be used as a virtual terminal through an online application or in a brick-and-mortar store. 

Finding the most up to date version of Boompay can sometimes be difficult. As of the publication of this article they are on v3.6. Documentation and update notes are important to study so you can know the changes and capabilities of your gateway. 

Boompay v3.5 Modern Payment Gateway
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Boompay Code Updates

As mentioned in their suggestions on CodeCanoyon, the latest software scripts can be found on their website. Be sure to locate all of the latest integration information there if you’re making updates or need to implement feature changes. 

In general, this payment gateway uses PHP script and implements a Laravel Framework. It’s comparable to other gateways but may fall short in terms of modern features and customizability. For example, anyone using v3.0 or below will not be able to upgrade to v3.5. This is a result of major alterations which may have had deleterious effects on merchants.

Selecting a Modern Payment Gateway that Works for You

Our payment gateway represents a change in the landscape of payments technology. With a brand new revamp, we’ve included all of the most important features in an intuitive and responsive interface. SGX offers multi-currency payments such as cryptocurrency while maintaining a vast array of payment features. 

  • Recurring Billing – Charge payments in ongoing intervals and grow steadily over time.
  • Chargeback Prevention – Find malicious activity and learn how to identify fraud due to chargebacks.
  • Reporting – Pull payment information to review past and pending charges or forecast future sales.

Overall, if you’re using Boompay v3.5 – Modern Payment Gateway as your payment technology, it may be worth reconsidering. Call Signature Payments today to learn how to easily integrate one of the top payment gateways in the industry.