Clover Market App

Jan 31, 2024 | Payments

What is a Clover Market App? 

A Clover Market App is a digital tool that integrates with your Clover point-of-sale device. You can download various applications in Clover’s Marketplace. Ranging from inventory management, sales tracking, and payment history. A wide selection of apps to help you streamline your operations and organize your payment data. 

Most Clover Market Apps come from third-party developers. Each one has its custom interface and features. Many apps are free; however, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee for some. If you want to find an app, go to the Marketplace and search by topic. You can also sort by industry type if you’re a restaurant or retail vendor.

Clover Market App
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Clover App Market

The Clover App Market showcases various payment and inventory management tools for merchants to download with their POS device. These applications are built by external developers who offer resources like hiring tools, payment reporting, and product tracking.

Anyone with a Clover device can shop for an application that will help them organize their business. Create a new payroll system or use time clocks to manage hourly employees. The options are vast and solutions abundant when it comes to enhancing your terminal.

Login to the Clover App Market

To login to the Clover app market device you can access the market directly after you login. Search apps by topic and type of business. For example if you operate a restaurant chain, search under the “food” category to look for apps that can assist you with menu creation, food sourcing, and advertising specials. 


After you login to the Clover App Market and select which program you want to install, you can find a type of payment that works for your company. Many apps start with a free trial, and others charge monthly from the beginning. Either way, there are some amazing programs that can add huge value to your internal processes or customer-facing messaging. 

Clover Market App

What Apps Does Clover Have? 

Clover has a range of apps that can be extraordinarily helpful in managing and growing your business. Many businesses that use are restaurants, and therefore there are a lot of tools to organize food, employee scheduling, menus, and even customer reviews on Yelp

In addition to restaurant apps, you can find retail solutions. Some are for marketing, while others help organize and track inventory. Organize logistics and shipping information with customers with a tracking application and give customers the satisfaction of knowing where their package is at all times.

Clover Apps

Clover App Market Charge

If you see a Clover App Market charge it means you’ve purchased an application. This can show up after a free trial expires or when continuity billing takes effect. It may show up on your bank statement at the end of the month. If this happens without warning, it’s best to contact the software vendor and find out what agreement you have on file. Review the payment details and see if the price is worth keeping the application. 

Many app companies will incentivize you with discounts in order to retain your business. After all, once an app is created there are few costs associated with maintaining it. As a result, you may be able to receive a free month’s subscription or an ongoing discount rate for your the new program.