Edge Cash Discount Program

Jan 17, 2024 | Payments

The EDGE cash discount program allows merchants to extend a cash benefit to customers who pay with cash. It saves your customers money and has no additional costs for you to implement.

North American Bancard also maintains no contract commitment for Edge Cash Discounting. So you can confidently include this service to see your payment processing fees decrease over time. 

How Does the Edge Cash Discount Work?
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What are the benefits of Edge Cash Discounting? 

There are a few significant reasons why incentivizing cash payments are beneficial for both the merchant and the customer:

  • Complimentary software that integrates easily into your terminal 
  • Other free equipment options
  • A free sign to inform your customers about the savings
  • A contract isn’t required to get started

Save on Processing Fees

With credit card processing, merchants incur multiple fees per transaction. Cash discounting gives you the benefit of not paying: 

  • Annual Fees for the service
  • Statement Fees
  • Batch Header Fees
  • PCI Compliance Fees

How Does the Edge Cash Discount Work? 

The Edge Cash Discount program works with your terminal and POS device. When you scan an item, the customer sees two different price options, one for each payment type. They choose whether they will use cash or a card for the purchase. Afterward, the receipt details their final total according to how they paid.

What are the benefits of Edge Cash Discounting?

What is a Cash Discount


A cash discount allows customers to reduce the cost of their product or service by paying with cash. Alternatively, they will have to pay more if they pay with a credit or debit card. This is because credit cards impose fees on the merchant. Many retailers incentivize cash payments by discounting a purchase to increase profit margins. 


Traditionally, you may have seen this in places like gas stations. Due to the volume of credit card purchases and the small margins in the industry, many gas station owners have cash discounting programs. Customers with extra cash or who prefer paying this way typically enjoy lower prices. While on the other hand, owners can enjoy reducing their overall payment processing fees.

Find the Cheapest way to Accept Credit Cards

Find the Cheapest way to Accept Credit Cards

Credit card processing isn’t always cheap. Negotiating fees and working with your merchant account company to reduce rates is the cheapest way. After that, your next step is to look at different solutions regarding payment alternatives. 

With diminishing profit margins, rising inflation, and rising overhead costs, finding ways to save percentages is imperative. Your revenue stream is critical, and increasing customer retention is one way to keep the doors open. Customers who are given discounts on items have higher return rates and will seek out your store in lieu of competitors. 

Final Thoughts on Cash Discounts for Businesses

Cash discounting puts the power to reduce costs in the hands of the customers. You pass the savings back to your buyers, thereby increasing satisfaction. Cash is also easily exchangeable and can provide options for international travelers who may not have access to cards. Keeping payment options open to buyers and saving money is vital to your success.