Firearms Merchant Accounts for Gun Dealers

Jan 1, 2024 | Payments

Firearms merchant accounts are constantly under fire by big banks. With more regulations than ever, gun retailers seek new ways to expand businesses in a highly regulated market. And with some significant banks deciding they won’t fund them any longer, they are looking for new solutions.

For over 20 years, Signature Payments has provided firearm merchant accounts to high-risk clients who don’t qualify for traditional providers. 

A gun dealer merchant account is a high risk for some banks. Luckily, firearms accessory e-commerce stores and gun retailers can find what they need with Signature Payments. We’ll help you create custom payment processing solutions with your sustainable firearms merchant account.



Opening Your Gun Retailer Merchant Account
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Opening Your Gun Retailer Merchant Account


Signature Payments has kept a finger on the pulse of all the frenzy in the media regarding online gun retailers. We are among the leaders in the industry. We offer underwriting services that make payment processing accessible for those seeking firearms merchant accounts.

With Congress taking a “hands-off” approach on the topic of firearm regulations altogether, the banks have stepped in to take a stance. Financial institutions like Citigroup have made changes in recent years after bad publicity affected the industry. They announced they’d prohibit the sale of firearms to customers who do not pass a background check and keep guns out of the hands of people under 21.

Additionally, the bank is said to bar any bump stocks and standard-capacity magazines sales. They took this further and applied these policies to all clients of Citigroup who offer credit cards backed by the institution. Moreover, they expect the same practices from other banking services working through the company.

Selling Firearms Online


With Citigroup pivoting its brand association by not opening firearms merchant accounts, it’s more difficult to find mainstream providers to bank with. In turn, this affects online gun retailers looking for credit card processing or any other payment services.

What does this mean for you if you’re a business that needs a firearms merchant account? You must seek a reputable payment processing company, like Signature Payments.


Selling Firearms Online

Software for Gun Merchants

If you’re trying to organize inventory and stay ATF compliant, there are great software tools to help you. As a leader in the firearms payment processing space, we’ve teamed up with companies that provide the best firearms software for gun merchants. One company is Gun Store Master, which offers free demos and provides video tutorials for new users. Or try Celerant if you’re shopping for a shooting range POS system.


Software for Gun Merchants

Businesses selling firearms may find it very difficult to find the right payment processing solutions to meet their needs. Now more than ever, banks are fearful of the potential legislation “guns” or “firearms” may bring against them. Nonetheless, we offer firearms merchant account solutions for you and are dedicated to making your transition to accepting debit and credit card payments online as easy and seamless as possible.