High Risk Industries

Businesses in high risk industries require custom payment processing solutions. There are a few different reasons why a company would be on a high risk merchant list. Some may have a higher likelihood of chargebacks while others like Adult or CBD are in changing legal environments and have age restrictions. In any case, it’s important to know if your company is high risk so you can find the payment processing service that suits your needs.

High Risk Industries We Work With

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Holding Hands


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Digital Goods

Doctor on phone


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Bail Bonds

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Alcohol and Tobacco



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Debt Collection

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High Risk Payment Processing: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I’m a high-risk business?

High-risk businesses involve certain industries with a higher rate of chargebacks, fraud, monthly billing and international payments. You may also fall into this category if you have bad credit or other factors.

What is a high-risk payment gateway?

A high-risk payment gateway is a method for high-risk businesses to accept credit card payments. Usually, you integrate the system with your website so that you can take payments in the forms that your merchant service provider offers. Payment gateways can be classified by a service provider as high risk or low risk, depending on the merchant.

What distinguishes a high-risk merchant service provider?

A service provider for high-risk merchants is typically willing to accept a higher degree of risk, usually in the form of higher fees and stricter contract requirements. In exchange, you get a reliable high-risk credit card processing system and tools to keep your business thriving.

Do you accept applications from all high-risk industries?

We accept applications from many high-risk industries, including memberships, firearms, eBooks, dating, adult, coaching, digital goods and telemedicine. If your industry isn’t on this list, contact us for more information.

How do you handle fees?

We charge different fees for service, some of which support our service and others that are required by the bank issuing the credit card. You will likely have a monthly minimum fee to start and processing fees, as well as interchange fees. You can view your fees in your monthly statement provided by Signature Payments.

How do I apply for a merchant account?

You can fill out a convenient form on our website to apply for a merchant account. We may request additional information and documentation while reviewing your application, to determine if you meet our requirements.

Can I apply for a merchant account with a new business?

Startups are often classified as high-risk based on their industry, but that doesn’t mean you cannot qualify for a merchant account. With our extensive experience in the industry, we can often approve applications that other providers would decline.

Do I need a U.S. address to apply?

Although we can help your business accept online payments from virtually anywhere, your business does need a U.S. address and an account with a U.S. bank in order to qualify.

Do I need to be a formal business to apply?

In many cases, a business license is a requirement for our team to approve your application. In certain instances, sole proprietors may be able to qualify with personal bank accounts.

Will you check my credit during my application?

Checking your credit is one part of the application process, although it is not the only deciding factor. Along with your credit, we consider your business type, history and other elements to determine your qualifications.

Do you need bank statements to approve my application?

We review business bank statements as part of our application review process. If your business is new or you haven’t accepted payments before, we are happy to talk with you about alternative forms of verification.

What if I have bad credit?

Bad credit often gives you fewer options and higher fees when you sign a contract with a merchant service provider. Although we cannot guarantee approval in all cases, we will consider applicants with imperfect credit.

Do I need a website to apply for a merchant account?

In order to offer products and services for sale in an eCommerce arrangement, you will need a website. Our solutions are meant to integrate seamlessly with other software or hardware that you use to maintain a shopping cart, handle point-of-sale transactions and more.

What payments can I accept?

As a service provider offering flexible solutions, our payment processing options run the gamut, including credit cards from the most popular networks, checks, debit cards and more.

Why should I sign up with Signature Payments?

Signature Payments has nearly 25 years of experience, which has helped us build a long list of partnerships in the banking industry. This allows us to offer comprehensive payment solutions to a broader range of clients.