How To Accept Bitcoin As Payment

Feb 12, 2024 | Payments

To accept Bitcoin as payment on your website you’ll need to install a crypto payment gateway. A gateway exchanges the data between the customer’s account and yours. These integrations are found through payment processors that support cryptocurrency exchanges. 

If you want to find a crypto provider that works with your online ecommerce platform, then take a look at the top five crypto payment gateways. These are wallets that provide a place to store and exchange mainstream and altcoin currency. Every company has different capabilities and some charge lower fees than others. 

How to accept bitcoin
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How do I receive a Bitcoin Payment?

Depending on the application you use, the most viable way to receive a Bitcoin Payment is by sharing your wallet link in an invoice. Your public receiving address is essentially your one-way crypto bank account which allows you to accept transactions. The invoicing system set up by your crypto payment gateway provider helps you track the payment through your business. 

Does PayPal Take Bitcoin?

Yes, PayPal takes Bitcoin as well as other alternative coins like Ethereum and Litecoin. PayPal however doesn’t have a digital key for Bitcoin, they hold the funds themselves and claim they’ll “replace your crypto in whole if your account gets hacked.” 

To exchange Bitcoin through PayPal, install the app and set up the payment through your dashboard. You can make Bitcoin your preferred currency or set other digital forms of payment as your primary. 

How do I receive a Bitcoin Payment?

Who is Accepting Bitcoin as a form of Payment?

Many Fortune 500 companies are now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. As a merchant, you’ll need to process through your shopping cart and payment provider. Currently, the following payments companies have crypto capabilities:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe 
  • Square 
  • Google Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Bit Pay

Who is Accepting Bitcoin as a form of Payment?

Can I Turn Bitcoin into Cash? 

You can exchange Bitcoin for cash by selling it in a crypto marketplace. If you accept cryptocurrency for your business you can transfer the money to cash within your payment application. The price for Bitcoin changes often so it’s important to transfer it to cash when you’re ready to reinvest or pull out of your wallet