How to Accept Crypto Payments

Feb 9, 2024 | Payments

If you want to learn how to accept crypto payments, follow these simple steps. 

  1. Find a cryptocurrency integration that works with your website
  2. There are major solutions like Bitpay or Coinbase that work with major websites
  3. If you currently have a payment processor, use one that works with them
  4. Download and install the payment gateway to your website
  5. Link your wallet to the crypto payment account
  6. Advertise the value proposition to your customers of using crypto
  7. Exchange crypto with USD or other stable coins
How to Accept Crypto Payment
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How to Select a Crypto Payment Processor

Crypto payment processing is uniquely different from traditional online transactions. Currently, the market is more deregulated and lacks entities at different levels of control. This means crypto is presently serving as an alternative for high-risk merchant accounts. If your business is in an industry such as firearms, CBD, or share adult content, it may be prudent for you to find a crypto payment processor. 


If you already work with a payment processing company, then you’ll want to go through them first. Many merchant account providers are teaming up with crypto wallet developers to create a link between the traditional payment world and cryptocurrency. Ask your current payment processor if they have an integration that works with your website.

What are the Top Crypto Payment Processors?

What are the Top Crypto Payment Processors?

The most popular crypto payment processors are as follows: 

  1. Coinbase – Gives merchants the full ability to accept crypto payments through a fully decentralized wallet exchange
  2.  BitPay – Named after the popular Bitcoin, Bitpay allows you to buy crypto with credit cards, and exchange them with their secure app.
  3. Coingate – Easy to use, and popular for quick checkouts and simple cryptocurrency purchases
  4. Signature Payments – A breakthrough payment processing provider which integrates to top ecommerce sites and is backed with historically secure transactions and top-tier customer support

How Does Coinbase Accept Crypto Payments?

How Does Coinbase Accept Crypto Payments?

Coinbase allows merchants to accept crypto without managing the exchange in coins. Essentially, they are hands-off when it comes to liability and they allow the merchant to take full control of their transactions. Moreover, unlike a bank, they can’t access the money you have in your wallet. The main security feature is a series of code words that allows you to gain access to your funds. 

Coinbase Hosted Checkout 

When a customer is ready to make a final purchase they’ll be interacting with the Coinbase Hosted Checkout interface. This is an online API that plugs into your website. They have integrations for the top twelve most popular shopping carts like Shopify and Wix. 

Accept Crypto Without Fees

Exchanging cryptocurrency without fees is a top goal for many who want the option to accept crypto as a form of payment. However, most crypto solutions charge a processing fee. For example, Coinbase charges 1% on all incoming payments from customers. BitPay matches that and also charges 1% for the same transactions. 

For now, Robinhood is maintaining that they have a no-fee crypto payment solution. However, in the past, their reputation for transparent business dealings has been in question. Currently, they have limited coins and exchanges happen within your Robinhood account, so it’s not the best solution for defi