How To Get A Free Clover Terminal

Nov 22, 2023 | Payments

You can get a free Clover terminal from your payment processing company. This is the company that provides your merchant account. Many of them purchase terminals in bulk and share the discount with merchants. As a promotion, your payment processor should incentivize you to use their service by offering you a free clover terminal.

There may also be some stipulations when it comes to qualifying. The most common ones include: 


  • Processing Volume – This is your overall revenue produced from processing payments
  • Years in Business – If you have an established business you’re more likely to receive a free clover terminal
  • Industry – Certain industries are considered high risk. Learn which verticals fall into the high risk category and see if you qualify.
Ready to accept payments anytime, anywhere.
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Ready to accept payments anytime, anywhere?

 Best Terminals for Small Businesses


The best Clover terminal for small businesses is one that helps your company track funds, process payments, and speed up the checkout process. There are many terminals to select when it comes to merchant preference. From top-of-the-line Stations which include a screen, receipt printer, and separate card slider, to simple handheld ones, there are many options

If you have a small business that travels to events such as farmer’s markets or festivals, then Flex Mobile Card reader is perfect. It gives you the ability to accept credit card payments on-the-go. You can also have people enter extra tip money and sign their name.

Scaling-up to Cashier Terminals

If you have a restaurant chain or operate a brick-and-mortar retail company then the best terminal is one that has all the options in one spot. Your cashiers or waiters should speed through the checkout process with customers, and the best way to do that is with a simple interface and essential options. 

The Clover Station has a 14 inch screen and is ready to use right when open it. When you get the program running, you’ll see the online gateway interface and be able to interact with all the features and added options. This terminal is best for smooth transactions and accepts all of the cards your merchant account allows. 


Scaling-up to Cashier Terminals

Clover terminals are point of sale systems used internationally by merchants of all kinds.

Clover Cash Discount App

Clover Cash Discount App


You can find the Clover Cash Discount App in the Clover App Market. This application gives merchants the ability to offer two different levels of pricing to customers. One price is used when they pay with cash and the other is for when they pay with credit card. Many stores are adopting this pricing model to reduce their overall payment processing costs. 

Many merchant providers offer cash discount applications that work with your Clover terminal. The one you select should integrate with your payment processor. This way you have a direct connection to the technology you’ll need and your merchant account. 

Save money not just on terminals, but on all of the expenses that come with accepting payments. Cash discounting is one of the best ways to increase your bottom line. Every customer that hands you cash is one less transaction that gets charged that small percentage for swiping a card.