Coaching and Seminar Merchant Accounts

Signature Payments has been providing merchant accounts for a wide range of coaching and seminar businesses for over 20 years. We have a team of in-house experts able to help you get your coaching merchant account approved.

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Our application can be accessed online for quick and easy completion in just a few minutes.

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Our team will work hard to get your account approved at the lowest possible rates with no hidden fees or extras.

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We partner with multiple banks and offer domestic and offshore solutions for the flexibility you need.

High Risk Coaching Merchant Account

Coaching and Seminar Merchant Accounts

Running seminars and providing coaching is a great way for subject matter experts and educators to offer their services to customers. Over the past year the number of online coaching and seminar businesses has exploded. Thanks to technology, virtual coaching and education is a viable and often preferable method for both educators and learners alike. As part of any successful business, business owners must find a reliable processor to facilitate payments. Coaching and Seminar merchants are considered high risk and many processors can’t or won’t accept these types of merchants. Why are coaching and seminar merchants considered high risk? There are several reasons:
  1. Future Delivery Exposure: Some coaching packages include recurring sessions or deliverables that can extend months past the transaction date which can be a red flag for processors.
  2. High Ticket: Courses offered by coaching or seminar businesses are typically high ticket which makes these types of merchants high-risk.
  3. Customer Satisfaction: Customers sign up for seminars or online courses with the promise of learning a skill that will translate into earning income. If the reality falls short of expectations and customers aren’t successful, that can lead to chargebacks.

Signature Payments has a long history of serving coaching and seminar merchants. We understand their unique needs and our experience in the high-risk space uniquely positions us to provide the solutions and support to help businesses grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions About Our Adult Merchant Accounts

What types of coaching businesses do you accept?

Signature Payments accepts a wide range of retail, eCommerce and mobile-based businesses related to coaching and seminars including business coaching, professional development seminars, continuing education seminars, real estate seminars and finance/investment seminars.

Is Signature Payments compatible with my existing software?

Because Signature Payments works with most major payment gateways (including, ePN and NMI), our merchant accounts integrate with many different software platforms. If you have questions about a specific software, please reach out. We’d be happy to answer your questions.

What criteria does my business need to meet, to be approved for a merchant account?

That will depend on your specific business but in general businesses must provide bank statements/processing statements, have clearly stated refund policies and well defined price points and packages. For more information on the criteria your business needs to meet, contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your unique needs.

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