Travel Merchant Accounts

At Signature Payments, we provide merchant accounts for a broad range of travel merchants. With more than two decades of industry experience, we specialize in providing “high-risk” businesses with the payment processing support they need to grow.

If you’re a travel merchant that has been repeatedly turned down by other payment providers, we may be able to help. Our team of in-house specialists are ready to guide you through the easy application process so you can get approved for your travel merchant account ASAP.

Why Choose Signature Payments?

With Signature Payments You Get…

Easy Sign-Up

Our application can be accessed online for quick and easy completion in just a few minutes.

Fast Approvals

Our application review process is quick and easy so you can begin accepting payments in no time.

No Hidden Fees

Our team will work hard to get your account approved at the lowest possible rates with no hidden fees or extras.

Flexible Solutions

We partner with multiple banks and offer domestic and offshore solutions for the flexibility you need.

High Risk Travel Merchant Account

What is a Travel Merchant Account?

To process card-based transactions for your travel business, you need a dedicated merchant account. Without this special account, all future sales will be limited to cash, check or some other payment method that doesn’t use a credit, debit or rewards card.

The problem is that many payment processors are reluctant to work with vendors in the travel space. Whether fairly or not, they deem travel merchants “high-risk.”

There are a few reasons why this perception exists:


A chargeback is similar to a typical refund. Though instead of going through you (the merchant), the customer reverses the charges directly through his or her bank. That customer also keeps whatever service or good you sold to him or her. If you rack up enough chargebacks, you’ll also likely lose your merchant account.


Payment fraud exists across all industries. By its nature, the tourism industry invites a lot of bad actors that take advantage of the anonymity and distance that online shopping offers. When you add special deals, reward points and exchange rates, it’s easy to see why payment processing for the travel industry is complex.


Every sector of the economy has been directly impacted by COVID-19. The travel industry has taken one of the largest hits, with closures, restrictions, cancellations and testing all making it harder for tourists to reach and enjoy their destinations.

As a result of these challenges, most payment processors simply don’t offer travel industry merchant accounts. Those that do often charge exorbitant rates to compensate for the perceived “risk” of taking on such a client.

At Signature Payments, we specialize in providing high-risk merchants with the payment processing support they need to securely accept all major credit and debit cards — whether in-person, online, via mail or over the phone. If you need a merchant account for your travel agency, Signature Payments can help.

When others say no, we say yes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions About Our Adult Merchant Accounts

What types of businesses do you accept?

Signature Payments accepts a wide range of retail, eCommerce and mobile-based businesses related to the adult industry including bookshops, cam sites, video, adult novelties, online and gentlemen’s clubs.

What kinds of payments can I accept?

With a Signature Payments adult industry merchant account, your clients will be able to securely pay using any major credit or debit card — including those issued by Visa®, American Express®, Discover® and Mastercard®. In addition, you can accept payments made via mobile wallet, check or electronic benefits transfer (EBT). We’re committed to helping you grow. The ability to accept multiple payment types dramatically increases your chances of making that next sale — and the next one after that.

What if my credit history is a little shaky?

Because a Personal guarantee is a requisite in most cases, we do take your personal credit history into account. However, we also review your business’s financial history and other factors to determine your creditworthiness. If your business has a decent track record of generating sales and paying bills, we invite you to apply for adult merchant processing with us today.

What criteria does my business need to meet to be approved for an adult merchant account?

This will depend on whether or not the business is classified as high risk or low risk. For more information on the criteria your business needs to meet, contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your business needs.

How do I apply for adult payment processing?

That’s easy. You can use our simple online application form to get started. After reviewing your application, we’ll follow up ASAP with next steps. If you have questions about our payment solutions or the application process, schedule a free consultation with our merchant services team today.

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