Inovio Payment Gateway

May 24, 2024 | Gateway

The Inovio payment gateway streamlines your payment processing capabilities to help you manage payments and quickly interact with key transaction information. Inovio integrates with major shopping carts and website platforms to allow your business to stay connected through the purchasing process. 

Unlike other top payment gateways, Inovio focuses on creating the most streamlined user experience possible. With 25 years of experience developing the best gateway technology, Inovio combines essential features with extensible data and clean interface to make your gateway experience frictionless.

Inovio Payment Gateway
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Ready to accept payments anytime, anywhere?

Gateway Features


  1. Virtual POS System – This online tool helps you organize critical customer and payment data. Review all of your past transactions and organize them into actionable information. With CRM capabilities, you can reach out to potential customers or upsell existing clients in order to maximize profits.

    Additionally, the POS is custom designed for your business needs. We take into consideration all of the tools you’ll need to organize contact records, and gather them in a functionable way for your Marketing and Sales teams to use.

  2. Hosted Checkout Services – We create a third-party checkout page in order to secure information outside of your website. This added level of security ensures customer information is safe from malicious attacks on your website and transaction data is never stolen.

    Moreover, you can customize the landing page to your business and platform. Doing this gives your brand the consistent messaging it needs to guide the customer through the final stage of the checkout process.

  3. Risk Management – Fraud, chargebacks, and security breaches are all major culprits of increased risk in the payment processing space. Inovio helps you decrease the many causes of risk to ensure you have a sustainable payment processing solution.Decreasing your risk profile gives you the ability to leverage your company’s success to incur lower processing fees. As your business grows and sales increase over time, risk management tools

3D Secure Gateway

3D Secure Gateway

3D secure technology is an added level of authentication in your payment gateway that helps reduce the risk of online fraud. Cyber criminals exploit vulnerabilities within payment processing in order to steal personal data and execute false transactions. 3D secure is your weapon to combat online theft and give your customers added protection.

For international ecommerce stores, 3D secure is especially important. Many attempts at credit card theft, and other data breaches occur overseas. As a result, identity protection becomes significantly more important for businesses selling abroad. Reduce your chargebacks and increase security with this XML-based validation tool.

Recurring Billing Payment Processing

Recurring billing is one of the best ways to guarantee monthly growth and payments over time. Decrease attrition and lock in weekly, monthly, or yearly payments by adding a recurring billing payment model to your gateway.

Many subscription companies use this as a way to substantially scale their business. In addition, it gives businesses a way to understand the lifetime value of customers and how to offer promotions in order to decrease attrition and maintain revenue-generating sales.

Card-on-file Payments

Many payments are made with existing credit card information being stored in secure locations online. Safely storing past purchasing data and sensitive information helps speed up the checkout process and brings purchasing funnels into click-ready final transactions.

Recurring Billing Payment Processing