iPad Payment Processing

Jan 2, 2023 | Payments

Implementing something small and versatile when considering a POS system alternative for your small business is a must. Finding something that works for your needs that also has the robust operational capabilities as top-of-the-line machinery can be a struggle.  

 Utilizing a credit card payment processing iPad solves both of those problems. By converting a device you may already own into a portable POS system, using electronic payment processing with iPad software, you have everything you need. 

iPad Payment Processing
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Ready to accept payments anytime, anywhere?

How to Use an iPad as a POS System  

Converting your iPad into a POS system is as easy as 1, 2, 3.  

1: Obtain Equipment 

The first thing that you will need to start accepting payments is a credit card reader. Apple provides a few options to suit your needs. 


  • Square Stand and Contactless Chip: A popular option, the stand and contactless chip option offers your customers the ability to pay utilizing NFC, Tap, and mag strip. This is a convenient way to accept all forms of payments without a large system taking up space. 
  • Plug-in Chip and Apple Pay Reader: This option allows your small business to utilize a payment processing system without creating space for a cash register. It can accept NFC payments and Tap easily and painlessly. 
  • Square Mag Strip Reader: The Square Mag Strip reader provides even more versatility, as it plugs directly into the charging port of an iPad or iPhone. It is less than two inches long and accepts payment utilizing a mag strip reader.  


Another thing to consider if your small business is planning on accepting cash payments is the need for a cash register. If your sales are generated entirely online, this is not required, but it might be necessary if you are making sales in a brick-and-mortar location. 

2: Find the Right Software for You 

When utilizing a credit card payment processing iPad, you must also use software that fits your needs. Consider things like: 


  • Usability: Consider whether or not you or your team members will be able to utilize the electronic payment processing with iPad software easily. 
  • Capability: Ensure it is easy and provides only what you need with no extra bells and whistles. 
  • Affordability: Most systems will come with fees and costs associated with its use. Make sure they fit within your needs and budget. 
  • Versatility: Will you be able to easily change the terms if necessary? Is there a contract that locks you in for a predetermined amount of time? Pay attention to what might hinder your small business’s progress in the future. 


Research companies that offer you the tools and options that work best for you. 

2: Find the Right Software for You

3: Use Every Relevant Tool 

A credit card payment processing iPad also offers you more than payment collection. Just like the robust operational tools offered by your traditional POS systems, many SaaS companies will also provide you with other management tools. 


Being able to keep track of inventory, customer profiles, sale performance, and other metrics directly on the iPad offers your small business much more value than simply accepting payments. 


Your small business will have the same tools as larger companies without the same overhead or machinery. 

Consider Utilizing an iPad for Payment Processing

Consider Utilizing an iPad for Payment Processing


If you are researching your first POS system or are considering switching to something new, obtaining a credit card payment processing iPad might be the way to go. As a small business that is concerned with overhead and providing your customers with the best possible experience, you can get the best without paying the same price. 


You can get everything individually or connect with a company that will bundle everything to suit your needs. Don’t stick with the old guys if the new ones offer you something better.