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Partner programs to grow your business.

Our partner program is a one-stop shop for all your payments needs with custom programs to fit your specific business model.

Protecting international transactions and securing cross-border payments

Agents & ISOs

When it comes to Agents and ISOs, there is no one-size-fits-all. Our custom Agent & ISO programs allow you to leverage our platform and infrastructure so you can concentrate your efforts in the areas most critical to your business. We offer flexible pricing and compensation plans, proprietary CRM and reporting tools, and access to a variety of banks and processing platforms all tailored to meet your unique needs.

Customized Revenue Programs:

Design a partner program based on the way you sell and create portfolio value the way you want. Establish the ideal combination of tiered payouts up to 100% with super competitive costs and upfront bonuses or free terminal placements.

Dynamic Underwriting:

Our creative underwriting experience with “special risk” verticals and our long-term contracts with multiple banks enable us approve accounts that most can’t. Our online application and automated deal tracker enable us to approve deals quickly and efficiently.

Advanced Selling Tools:

We invest in your success with proprietary training programs, marketing materials and swag to help you sell, and co-operative advertising dollars. So, whether you want more leads, or need help dealing with the leads you already have, we’ve got the tools to help you grow.

Flexible Solutions:

We offer solutions and services that allow merchants to accept payments from anywhere, whatever the type, channel, or device. We add more value with gateway, cash discount, currency conversion, cash advance and other complimentary services and solutions.

Service & Support:

We have a culture committed to Partner service and a 20+ year reputation for paying accurately and on time. In addition, we like to spoil our Agent & ISO Partners with cutting edge technology and robust reporting, dedicated relationship managers, and access to multiple processing platforms.

Business Funding:

We want to help our Agent & ISO Partners through all stages of growth. We can provide loans, invest equity growth capital, and even structure creative, co-operative investments into sales and marketing. Then, if/when the time comes, we are willing to pay top dollar for your portfolio.

Protecting international transactions and securing cross-border payments

Developers & ISVs

Signature is the Goldilocks of payments technology…We are not too big, but we are not too small. We know payments and we know technology. Our technology platform offers an easy, secure integration and we maintain in-house developers and technology project managers ready to accommodate your unique requirements and timelines. Dynamic and responsive from start to finish.

Developer Friendly API:

Our robust yet flexible API offers a seamless integration of payments to power your platform. Designed for ISVs and SaaS providers, our solutions will enable you to go to market and generate revenue quickly.

Pre-Certified EMV Solutions:

Our pre-certified EMV solutions prevent you from the hassle of lengthy EMV certifications with multiple hardware and software vendors.

Omni-Channel Technology:

Allow your merchants to accept payments from anywhere, whatever the type, channel or device. Our integrated technology and payments reporting tools enable a seamless experience across channels.

Reliable Security:

All of our systems are PCI Level 1 compliant and meet the highest global standards. Whether it’s Integrated Fraud Tools & Transaction Monitoring, Tokenization and Point-to-Point Encryption, or Chargeback Reporting and Management all you have to do is plug in.

Service & Support:

You don’t have to become a payments gateway expert if you don’t want to. Our dedicated assistance and integration specialists are available at all times to ensure that you get the answers and support that you need.

Referral Monetization:

Our partner program offers lucrative referral models that will help you capitalize on every payment processing opportunity that comes your way. Grow your top line revenue with a proven payments strategy

Protecting international transactions and securing cross-border payments

Franchisors & Associations

When you look good, we look good. We design, deliver, and support differentiated partner programs that enable you to deliver incremental value to your members. Not only do they get access to advanced technology, robust reporting, and significant cost savings, but you capitalize on every payment processing opportunity that comes your way. It’s a win, win.

Revenue Share:

We offer robust and customizable revenue sharing programs. You decide whether to pass greater savings on to your members, or to share in the revenue and to get paid upfront or on an ongoing basis.

Member Savings:

Your members are direct with the processor, so in all cases they benefit from significant savings through wholesale pricing.

Member Benefits:

We provide promotional pricing on all our solutions and services. Whether its gateway, reporting, POS equipment, security features, or other value-added benefits everyone gets to enjoy the rewards of membership.

Robust Reporting:

You and your members get access to robust reporting tools that support multiple levels of hierarchy, so no matter how complicated your downline is we make it simple for everyone to understand how much they are paying and earning.

Sales & Marketing:

Maximize and seamlessly execute your payment strategy with the help of our experienced sales and marketing teams. We roll up our sleeves and help you sell through by participating in trade shows, supporting joint marketing campaigns, and providing co-branded sales and marketing assets.

Service & Support:

We know that what we do reflects on you and we know how high your standards are, so we have specialized teams dedicated to serving the unique needs of our Franchise and Association groups.