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At Signature Payments, we leverage our experience and technology to help independent software vendors (ISVs) securely integrate payment processing with their bespoke IT solutions. Our in-house developers and technology project managers are ready to help you spend less and sell more — regardless of your business’s unique payment needs.

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What Is an ISV?

Independent software vendors design and develop software tools used for a wide range of personal, business and governmental applications. Also known as software publishers, ISVs are at the vanguard of information technology.

What Is an ISV Partner?

Because independent software vendors typically offer bespoke solutions, they need a payment processor that can support highly customizable pricing options. This is especially true for those ISVs that need recurring billing support for their subscription-based services and solutions.

What Should You Look for in an ISV Partner?

Since every independent software vendor is unique, each one will have slightly different requirements. However, it’s best to select partner candidates that complement (rather than compete) with your business. This approach can ensure everyone in the partnership is pushing in the same direction.

When specifically choosing a payment processor, look for one that offers robust fraud management tools, revenue-sharing opportunities and omni-channel payment capabilities. Equally important, you want a payment provider that can easily scale with your ISV over time.

Why Choose Signature Payments As Your ISV Partner?

Below are some of the main reasons why independent software vendors choose to join Signature Payments’ partner program.

API Support

Our developer-friendly API allows for seamless ISV integration between the product development side of your business and payment acceptance. We can also help you design new applications and integrations.

Pre-Certified EMV Solutions

Applying for EMV certifications and setting up the necessary hardware and software is a hassle. Use our pre-certified EMV solutions to save time and start selling right away.

Omni-Channel Payments

You and your merchants can accept ISV payments anywhere and everywhere — thanks to our omni-channel technology. Regardless of campaign or device, you still enjoy a seamless reporting experience across all channels.

Fraud Prevention

Our PCI-compliant payment processing solutions adhere to the latest data security standards, complete with tokenization, point-to-point encryption and chargeback reporting.

Referral Rewards

Generate revenue streams by tapping into every payment processing opportunity that comes your way. With our referral program, you can monetize relationships — while still providing genuine value to members.

Customer Service

With Signature Payments, you’re never alone. Our team of in-house experts are here to guide you every step of the way. You focus on developing new software applications and let us worry about payment processing.

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If you’re looking to reduce costs, save time and generate revenue streams, discover how our payment processing solutions can deliver on all three of these goals. Better still, we have the expertise, resources and technology to scale with your needs as they evolve.

To learn more about our ISV partner program, schedule a free consultation with one of our in-house payment experts today.