Payment Gateway WebView in Android

May 15, 2024 | Gateway, Payments

Many merchants want to view their transactions through various methods like a payment gateway WebView in Android. Accessibility and clean views are key to a quality user experience when it comes to new gateway technology. 

A WebView in Android is a simplified version of a fully viewable application that’s custom fit for an Android interface. What it lacks in accessibility it makes up for in user-friendly design and intuitive modules. This design environment works with your payment gateway to provide a heightened user experience. 

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Payment Gateway Webview in Android

Integrating Payment Gateways in Android

Having an Android responsive view for your payment gateway is essential for businesses who use mobile payment methods. Moreover, with Android responsiveness, your gateway is quickly accessible when you need it. Integration is everything when it comes to linking the technologies together. 

Depending on the payment gateway you’re using, you’ll need a specific integration code to run it. Resultantly, once you make your gateway work in WebView, you can access it on your mobile app. The most important part is knowing the original code you’re using so you can plug it in to WebView. Listed below are gateways that each have different installation guidelines. We recommend taking a step back and making sure your gateway is providing you with the best features like our proprietary SGX Gateway, but if you’re looking to integrate an alternative please see the various gateways below and click to find integration code.