Square Terminal

Feb 14, 2024 | Payments

A Square terminal provides a modern interface to process your payments. Square is one of the largest payment processors in the world. As a result, their terminal technology is fast and easy-to-use for merchants and customers alike. 

It’s likely you’ve used a Square terminal at a local store or restaurant. They are universally considered one of the best terminals in the dining industry because of their simple layout and user-friendly interface. Learn about the many features, advanced settings and overall benefits of using Square terminals at your business.

Square Terminal
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Square Terminal for Sale

Looking for a Square terminal for sale? Many merchant companies have programs that can help you buy or lease the equipment you need to run your business. Every company is different and so are the many devices Square offers. Each one has different costs associated with it, but keep in mind many prices are negotiable. 

Free Square Terminal

If you have payment processing through a merchant provider, they may give you a free Square terminal. These terminals can range in cost and businesses who have multiple can see the charges add up. The good news is, if you have steady payment processing and sell a large volume of items, you may be able to obtain free terminals. 

Your processing provider buys terminals in bulk and can also offer them to you at a discount price compared to the ones you see on their website or through general sales channels.

Leasing A Square Terminal

Leasing a Square Terminal is one of the most popular options for business owners. It allows them to save money on costs, upgrade to newer products after the lease expires, and maintain a warranty on existing terminals. With these benefits, many businesses like to hold off on buying a terminal in lieu of contracting the device.

Square Terminal For Sale

Types of Square Terminals

  • Reader for Sliding Card – This device is ideal for portability and on the go sales. It plugs into your phone and doesn’t need any charging. It can even work when offline. It’s small but filled with all the features you need to accept payments on-the-go including digital receipts and digital terminal access. Price – Free
  • Reader for Chip and Contactless Payments – Extremely portable and secure, this handheld reader can take payments from cards with chips. It also takes contactless payments so a customer can hover their card over the device and make a transaction easily. Price – $49
  • Stand – Full scale interface with touchscreen capability and gateway functionality. This covers all the bases when it comes to running a business fast and keeping orders organized. Used in restaurants by multiple employees simultaneously, and processing multiple payments at once. Price – $149
  • Register – Two-way screen interaction. This allows you to put information in front of your customer to swipe, tap and sign for their purchase. The register is a classic solution for retail stores and anywhere that sells items with over-the-counter purchases. Price – $800
  • Scan Guns – Outfitting your terminals with accessories can help you move your customers through the checkout line faster. Scan guns can be a quick addition for scanning multiple products in an order. 
  • Printers – Get receipts printed immediately for the customer and internal accounting. The world of paper transactions is still prevalent, and even if you have multiple cash transactions, your payment terminal can serve as the printer and recorder for purchases.

    Square Terminal Pricing

    Setting Up a Square Terminal 

    Setting up a Square Terminal is different for each device. Portable credit card readers for example plug directly into your phone. On the other hand, registers should have an internet connection and power unit for both the agent display and customer payment interface.