What is Authorize.net?

Oct 27, 2023 | Gateway, Payments

Authorize.net is a payment gateway solution from Visa. It provides high risk businesses with the necessary tools to navigate today’s eCommerce. Allowing businesses to accept payments on their own terms, Authorize.net lays the groundwork for a more streamlined high risk payment processing experience. The high risk gateway services provided by Authorize.net help high risk merchants to better manage their accounts so more time is spent doing what they love!

Authorize.net Merchant Processing
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Authorize.net Merchant Processing


Unlike traditional payment processing, Authorize.net payment gateways take the process one step further with instant card approval or denial. Authorize.net’s high risk payment gateway is an advanced processing technology able to approve transactions within seconds. The Authorize.net high risk payment gateway can dictate whether a payment has been approved or denied as soon as payment data has been submitted or a card has been swiped. In eCommerce card-not-present transactions, the payment gateway aids in the prevention of fraudulent transactions.



How Does Authorize.net Payment Gateway Work?

With three simple steps, Authorize.net’s payment gateway has made payment processing easy and reliable. Authorize net’s high risk payment gateway can validate card-not-present transactions the instant they have been submitted for processing. First, Authorize.net determines whether or not the transaction can be authorized by checking for ample funds. Next, the money is captured from the bank, placing a hold on the funds. Once this step is complete, high risk merchants can begin to fill orders knowing they will be paid. Finally, settlement occurs, and the money is transferred from the customer’s bank to the high risk merchant’s bank. Settlement is not an instant process, but these steps guarantee it will occur. Authorize net’s high risk payment gateway works hard to ensure merchants are paid faster and can ultimately fulfill an increased number of orders over time.

High risk merchants using an Authorize.net payment gateway gain exclusive access to a virtual dashboard. Protected by the Authorize net secure login, this dashboard allows merchants to control every aspect of their payment gateway. Selected features can be activated instantly, while orders can be reviewed from one location. Authorize.net’s convenient invoice numbering system helps keep track of orders as they are placed. The Authorize.net dashboard feature also aids merchants with accurate inventory tracking. With low inventory alerts, the Authorize.net payment gateway dashboard gives merchants one less thing to worry about.

Authorize.net Gateway Features


Authorize.net is constantly offering high risk merchants new tools to suit their high risk processing needs. The unique Authorize net login, provides merchants with order tracking and management of sales, payments, and inventory. Authorize net simplifies gateway billing for returning customers by safely storing their payment data for next time. Merchants can even establish recurring customer billing with a button on the Authorize net gateway dashboard. Take your high risk merchant website to the next level with easy gateway integration of Authorize.net for WooCommerce, an eCommerce plugin for WordPress websites.

Authorize.net can conduct online credit card processing from anywhere worldwide, enabling you to expand your business to new audiences. Authorize.net high risk payment gateways are ready for wherever your business takes you. Accept payments from numerous world currencies and process them right from your gateway. The Authorize.net card reader allows businesses to process high risk payments from trade shows, markets, and anywhere else a sale is made. With Authorize.net gateway’s instant card approval, your business is protected while accepting the most comprehensive range of payments possible.

Authorize.net Gateway Features

Authorize Net Sandbox


The Authorize.net sandbox and test credit card features allow high risk merchants to develop their website or software further to integrate seamlessly into the API. Dedicated to the performance of your high risk merchant website, these test features allow merchants to interact with their interface from the consumer’s standpoint. Allowing for easy Authorize net API integration, sandbox, and test credit card features allow developers to make fake transactions, including refunds. These features allow high risk developers to “play” with their software from every interface angle before sites go live. Sandbox and test credit cards help you catch bugs in the API integration before orders have been processed. Authorize.net sandbox and test credit cards give high risk merchants and developers the ability to prevent processing and integration issues before they can even arise.

Authorize.net offers 24/7 customer support for your high risk gateway processor. Whether you need help navigating your dashboard or have a processing question, Authorize net’s team of high risk gateway experts is waiting to assist you. For more complex issues such as API integration, the customer service center’s dedicated software engineers will lead you through the process, giving you a better understanding of your Authorize.net high risk payment gateway. To contact customer support, click here for the Authorize.net phone number.



How Can Authorize.net Benefit High Risk Merchants?


Leading the high risk payment gateway industry, Authorize.net has successfully approved and facilitated over one billion dollars in payments. Their secure payment solutions safely encrypt user data. Undertaking high risk merchant security means that Authorize.net is current on the latest Payment Card Industry Compliance regulations. With continuous updates, older securities are disabled, allowing the latest security software to integrate seamlessly into your high risk payment gateway. Authorize.net understands the vast spectrum of that regulation that varies across high risk industries. Their team of experts can equip your high risk gateway to meet your industry’s regulations. Authorize.net has established relationships with the leading credit card issuers, including their parent company, Visa.

Authorize.net knows what is involved in a high risk industry. They are willing to accept the accompanying risks. Traditional processors cannot assume high risk industries, resulting in the denial or termination of the associated merchant account. Traditional payment processors such as Stripe and PayPal do not allow for high risk products to be sold using their platforms because they do not have the industry expertise. With Authorize.net, high risk payment gateways are custom-built with high risk industries at the forefront of their design. This high risk gateway specialization keeps your business safe while efficiently processing payments.

Authorize.net Payment Gateways

Authorize.net Payment Gateways


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