What is the Best Payment Processor for Adult Sites

Jan 23, 2023 | High Risk, Payments

The best payment processor for adult sites is one that has bridges the gap between banking regulations and the adult industry. High risk payment processors are experienced in helping merchants get the credit card processing they need. Additionally, if you have an adult site and are trying to find where to turn, make sure you compare providers to find which can save you money on fees, and work with your type of business. 

There are many types of adult sites online, and each has specific payment processing needs. For example, If you run a webcam business vs an adult bookstore, your merchant account regulations are very different. With all companies in this vertical, strict age restrictions are necessary. Therefore, it’s prudent to have the right tools to operate our adult site and process payments sustainably.

best payment processor for adult site
best payment processor for adult site

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How to Find a Payment Processor for Adult Sites

The best adult payment processors cater to your needs and walk you through each application step. It’s sometimes difficult to find one that will grant you the account you’re looking for. Nonetheless, it’s best to reach out to a company like Signature Payments who can guide and share the details about the underwriting process. 

Banks and merchant account providers have to adhere to strict regulations for adult sites. They will explain details about what’s allowed and banned when it comes to adult material in the payment processing world. Governing bodies manage the regulatory framework of the vast industry and have rules in place for each type of business. 

What Kind of Adult Sites Need Payment Processing?

With a vast amount of variation in the adult industry, it may be difficult to find a payment processor that suits your exact needs. Your first step is understanding your exact vertical. Below is a list of adult industries that require specialty payment processing: 

  • Adult Bookstores
  • Adult Cruise Lines
  • Online Dating
  • Adult Magazines
  • Pre-recorded Videos
  • Sex Toys 
  • Webcam and Live Video Streaming Sites

After the advent of notable sites like Onlyfans, many new developers sought to create similar profile-based website models in related fields. With this influx in new ideas, adult ecommerce store and streaming platform owners accelerated the growth of user-facing adult content deployment. Resultantly, more companies required adult payment processors and merchant accounts that adhered to the regulations imposed by their industry. 

New merchants in the adult space have to learn about the field of payments technology which often is an overlooked part of the development process. To those who aren’t familiar, you’ll need to have a legitimate payment processor who accepts your business model.

Top Payment Processor for Adult Sites

Even the top payment processors sometimes have to enforce strong regulations. In 2021 Onlyfans was under pressure to drop their mainstream video content due to pressure from payment processing companies. For example, even the most successful streaming sites can have issues in the payment field. 

The top adult payment solution has experience working to onboard and keep accounts for your business. Whether you need one account or multiple for various profiles, Signature Payments can help guide you through the hoops and help you get the ongoing subscription billing and credit card processing you need for your adult business.