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Jun 17, 2024 | Payments

If you’re building your business’s website or looking to update your current e-commerce site, it’s extremely important to consider what payment gateway integrations are accepted. For example, Wix payment processing options are quite limited, especially for high risk merchants.

So, what choices are there for processing payments on Wix? Do you have any payment options as a high risk merchant using Wix? If you are wondering if you can add a custom payment gateway to Wix or what payment gateways Wix accepts, continue reading.


About Wix Payment Processing Solutions
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About Wix Payment Processing Solutions


There are many website builders available that help you build your website. Wix is one of the more prominent contenders in this space. Their software lets users easily create HTML5 websites and mobile sites using simple online drag-and-drop features.

Included in Wix’s features are several plugins. Some of the plugin features include online marketing, social, contact forms, file management, online community, blogging, email marketing, forums, and e-commerce.


Wix Custom Payment Gateway


When integrating e-commerce into your Wix website, it is crucial to understand the different payment methods available. Understanding the limitations your business will face on this platform is also good. The constraints on the payment processing solutions available with Wix result from the protective nature of their code. Integrating a custom payment gateway in Wix is not nearly as easy as it is in an open-source system such as WordPress.


Wix Custom Payment Gateway

Wix Gateway

As a result of not being able to integrate easily into the website builder, the e-commerce payment gateway options for Wix are limited. Currently, they only allow the larger payment providers access to their systems to integrate their gateways. Many available options are specific to your region and based on preferences and location.


The allowed mainstream payment gateways that can connect with Wix include the following:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Square
  • Pinwheel
  • Affirm

Wix Payments


In addition to the limited payment processing options available on Wix, they recently decided to accept major debit and credit cards on their platform. They accomplished this by creating their payment system called Wix Payments. This allows users to manage their business’s website, payments, and payouts from one dashboard.

However, there are several limitations with Wix Payments. The selection of larger payment processing companies that Wix allows to integrate into their platform is constrained. This is especially apparent if you are a merchant selling products or services in an industry labeled high risk by banks and regulatory bodies.

How To Set Up Payment Processing On Wix


Low risk merchants who sell unregulated products or are low risk have an easier time with the standard Wix payment processing. They have their proprietary payment system called Wix Payments. It integrates directly into their system. The setup is simple. On top of Wix Payments, there are also mainstream payment gateways available. These are more easily integrated into Wix websites as well.

However, companies that sell products such as CBD, nutraceuticals, e-cigs, adult toys, subscription boxes, or vapes have more limited long-term options. When it comes to high risk merchant accounts, it’s essential to find a high risk merchant account from a payment processor specializing in approving these businesses.


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Alternatives to Wix

There are alternatives to the standard options available to merchants using Wix. You can pay a company like Foxy.io to utilize Wix with a particular payment processor. But there are more accessible routes to take.

Here are several popular website platforms. These companies can provide more opportunities when it comes to merchant processing:

  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Weebly
  • 3D Cart
  • Ecwid
  • Drupal Commerce
  • Magento

These alternative solutions to Wix offer more payment processing options. Therefore, this is a strategic move for any business. When considering future scaling and the sustainability of your business, do sufficient research.

Wix Payment Gateway Solutions


If you are using Wix and looking for a payment gateway, be sure to look into Wix-supported payment providers. If you’re a high risk merchant, it is even more vital that you set up specific processing solutions. Otherwise, you risk losing your account. Payment processing integrations for high risk merchants into these platforms, an alternative to Wix, should be a significant consideration for any business owner.

The experts here at Signature Payments have experience setting up high risk merchants with payment processing solutions. Contact us today to start your merchant account application and get your business processing payments sustainably.